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Welcome to the inner workings of my head

I’m fascinated by human nature and I’m endlessly frustrated by the inefficiency, inequality and injustice in the world. I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog and I believe that the more base aspects of human nature will be expressed as long as there is gross inequality and oppression in the world. I put my faith in the here and now, our amazing capacity to know and better ourselves, and integrating evidence-based problem solving and intuition. I respect those who don't judge others, and who understand the point at which fact blurs into opinion and moderate their statements accordingly. I’ve had to work hard for a healthy mind and am grateful for that struggle because it has shown me the power and balance that comes from tending mind and body.

These are the things that occupy my thoughts and daydreams, most idle moments will see me trying to frame or figure out a problem that needs fixing. My unquiet mind colours both my weaknesses along with my strengths. It’s a part of my nature that I’ve learned to accept and harness and my training as a scientist has developed it further. Mickey assures me it’s part of what he loves about me. I’m sure at times it’s hard for him though…I can be a bit like a dog worrying a bone that it can’t leave alone. On this backdrop it might be easy for you to see that writing is a lot like therapy for me, it helps me organise my thoughts and get them out of my head.

Maybe in that process I can produce something that's of interest to you too, something that brings a new perspective, inspires you or helps you accept and understand something you've been struggling with. Or maybe you'll just enjoy reading what I write and live vicariously a little through our travels. Whatever you get out of it, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy it. If you do, it'd be great to know - leave us a comment, share or subscribe and if it’s not too presumptuous I’d like to ask that you take it with you and apply it to the real world. Writing can help communicate ideas but ultimately it’s our personal interactions that define our influence on the world and the legacy we leave behind. If anything here speaks to you, take it, make use of it and make it part of your life. This world we live in is awe-inspiring and we are each a miracle. Thanks so much for reading & go well.

Dreams: knowing them, pursuing them & aligning life with them

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It’s been almost 18 months to the day since we hit the road and set out to re-engineer.

Tuktuk Trails & Auto Lessons

July 30, 2017 Featured, India
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Since losing our bikes on the edge of Europe we’ve had to get inventive regarding our modes of.

Wonder in Kovalam Beach

June 18, 2017 Featured, India
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Wonder. One of the better human traits. It is often referred to as a child-like but it is,.

Boredom & Transition

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Learning how to welcome transition, and discovering boredom is essential . It’s been some time since I updated.

Finding a little peace on the Alleppey backwaters

March 6, 2017 Uncategorized
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Arriving in Alleppey I think we were both just about done. Whilst we’ve been without bikes for a.

Overland Purgatory

February 20, 2017 Featured, India
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Overland Purgatory

It’s OK to be not OK I’ve just read a blog post on the fact that “feeling those.

Musings from a sleeper train

February 12, 2017 Featured, India
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Sleeper train

It’s 6 am in the morning and I’m on a sleeper train to Bangalore for the day with.

The value of a smile and time spent

January 22, 2017 India
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For the last week we’ve been getting to know our way around the flagship campus of Agastya International.

First impressions: the cash crisis & beyond

December 22, 2016 India
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Cash crisis

Over the last six weeks, I’ve become increasingly aware of two problems that India poses for me, one.

Change is in the air…

November 9, 2016 Featured, Finding our feet, Planning, UK
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We make plans and the world laughs Our saga continues: two motorcycle world travellers that haven’t properly ridden.

Rediscovering Yorkshire

October 28, 2016 Featured, Garden Trails, UK, Uncategorized
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rediscovering yorkshire

Rediscovering Yorkshire (August 2016 – To catch up with other recent developments see our picture blog here –.

Lessons from Romania

September 21, 2016 Featured, Romania
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At what point do you stop trying? At what point is it acceptable to cut your losses and.

Hungary: a journey filled with warmth

September 4, 2016 Featured, Hungary, motorbikes
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It’s late in the day, past 5. The landscape opens up to flatland under a burning, blue sky..

Discovering Slovakia

August 28, 2016 Exploring, Featured, motorbikes, Slovakia
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19th July The road to Slovakia We’ve stayed the last few days with Mickey’s friend in Kraków. It’s.

Adventure is personal

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Believe that you can Adventure motorcycle travel is often portrayed as fearless, adventure junkies sat on huge bikes,.

Flying solo & heading south

August 13, 2016 Featured, Poland
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16th July At ease by now with the navigation we head out on the road from Poznan. Although.

An unexpectedly long stay in Poznań

August 7, 2016 Featured, Poland, Uncategorized
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10th July It’s time to leave Poznań today . Przem and Jarek, the AJP dealers that we came.

Poland, the early days

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We’ve spent the last 6 days with Roman in Gorzow Wielkopolski with our friend Roman – our first.

Crossing to Poland

July 14, 2016 Featured, Poland
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27th June Manfred sits down and places a bottle of wine down on the picnic table not far.

Brexit: perspectives from a Brit moving through Europe

July 11, 2016 Featured, Germany
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I wake early again and climb out of the tent to practice yoga and finish waking up. As.

It seems I’ve turned a corner in the last few days.

July 8, 2016 Featured, Germany
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Ironically, today’s ride was almost entirely devoid of them. Only long, Roman-straight roads through endless Elysian fields, waving.

We made it. Our first destination.

July 4, 2016 Featured, Germany
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And also our penultimate one. (15th June) We arrived in Munich to collect the Carnet de Passages, the.

Yesterday it felt we cheated the rain for the first time since setting out.

July 1, 2016 Featured, Germany
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And it felt good! (13th June) We woke and I once again felt tired after a good night’s.

The rain came again yesterday.

June 28, 2016 Featured, Germany
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Thick and fast, a black line in the sky racing over lake Konstanz blurring everything behind it with.

I wake from a lovely night’s sleep still exhausted.

June 25, 2016 Featured, Germany
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I sigh, resigned to the fact that the tiredness that’s developed over the last few weeks will take.

Yesterday we crossed into Germany, at last.

June 22, 2016 Featured, Germany
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And the sun shone, at last. It was only a short hop across the border from Turkheim and.

Aujourd’hui, c’est tres mal, mais, maintenant, parce que de vous c’est bon.

June 8, 2016 France
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This was my parting statement to Evelyne and Claude as they left the restaurant de Poste in Docelles.

Lessons learned & the kindness of strangers

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It’s been difficult to organise my thoughts from the last few days. There has been so much to.

Veurne to Halle

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It’s evident we’re not going to make it to Halle tonight, as we’d originally planned. We ride the.

A little luxury on the road from Dover to Veurne

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Veurne, Belgium It’s 6 am and Mickey is still sleeping. I’m looking out over a windswept field of.

The ‘right way’ to adventure: isn’t it time we smashed this idea?

February 14, 2016 Featured, UK, Values
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Right way

Despite the obvious contradiction in terms, the myth of a right way to adventure is all too visible,.

AJP PR4 Maiden Voyage

December 29, 2015 Featured, Uncategorized
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AJP PR4 Maiden Spin

After a lovely Christmas break and a torrential few days in which many Christmas’ were ruined the winter.

Integration of emotion and reason

December 21, 2015 Featured, Random thoughts, Values
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Emotion & Reason

I love Christmas Carols, the beautiful choral voices and allegories sum up the essence of what I’ve always.

CELTA: Learning to teach English as a foreign language

December 19, 2015 Random thoughts, UK
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Oxford CELTA

I’ve spent the last four weeks on a CELTA course and it was pretty intensive. For those of.

The AJP PR4 Enduro Pro

November 29, 2015 motorbikes, Planning
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Our new PR4 bikes are here! And we couldn’t be more pleased with them (as you can see.

Visas & Vaccinations

November 21, 2015 Planning
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Visas and vaccinations

When we first made the decision to take this trip we both knew that there’d be a fair.

Unexpected delights

October 24, 2015 Random thoughts, Values
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New Zealand botanical gardens

Since my last post on the personal nature of travel experiences and the benefits you can derive from.

14 Things I’ve learned about New Zealand

October 14, 2015 New Zealand, Random thoughts
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New Zealand

Tomorrow I fly back to the UK from New Zealand… …to resume a somewhat normal life for a.

To travel or not? Defining subjective value.

October 13, 2015 Random thoughts
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I read a blog article a while ago on how travel is just another exercise in narcissism and.

A spring tramp up the Routeburn…continued

October 8, 2015 Uncategorized
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We woke up early after our first night on the Routeburn and while Dylan and Rebecca efficiently cooked.