Adventure Travel Film Festival 2015

– Mill Hill School, Mill hill London, August 14th-16th. The ATFF brings together seasoned adventurers, film makers and their films to presents them to an audience of travel-curious people. This is a good chance to air out your camping gear, make new friends and catch up with old and take in a plethora of interesting an inspiring films centred on travel and the world at large.

For us, the highlights were catching up with familiar faces ATFF old hands from the Isle of Wight, and some of the crowd from the Overland event. Two films stood out as exceptional: Nomades des Mers: Gold of Bengal about one man’s life and voyage in a self-sustaining jute boat, which captivated Katie from the moment she realised it combined adventure and science, and Hitchtanbul, a laugh out loud funny fly on the wall following two men on their ambitious hitch-hiking journey to from Belgium to Istanbul as they interview their drivers to gain insights into approaches to hitch-hiking and hitch-hikers. If you get a chance to see either of these films we can highly recommend them, both are light-hearted, captivating, entertaining and informative, delivering thought-provoking messages effortlessly so the watcher never even notices they’re being educated. A great weekend all round. For more info on the ATFF check out their website here.


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