Gear for our adventure

We’re building a nice little box of adventure goodies now so we thought it might be useful both for us and others if we started inventorying it.

In this section you’ll find details of most of the adventure gear we’ve decided we need (and possibly one or two that we might not need too).

A large part of this journey is to pare our lives down to the basics, and to spend time on our bikes, together, discovering the world and the people in it. Above all, we want to switch off the autopilot of modern life and take control. Consistent with this we don’t have a super high tech kit list full of luxury gadgets as it didn’t suit either of us to spend a heap of cash on branded adventure products, nor do we have the money to do it.

That said, life on the road is very different and there are some things we felt we needed. Here you’ll find pictures of them with a brief summary of our thoughts and use of the items and our reasoning behind why we chose it.

I’ve seen many disputes, heated discussion and arguments on adventure forums about what’s best, what’s not and what the ‘right’ way to do it is and – surprise, surprise! – everyone differs in their views. What suits one person doesn’t always suit the next. As an interesting aside, I’d have thought travellers and adventurers of all people would realise this but apparently not in some cases. For the sake of any of those people reading this, this is the right way for us, not necessarily anyone else. What gear to take with you is as personal a choice as what you decide to furnish your house with so we’re not saying any of this is vital to others undertaking similar journeys. However, when we were trying to figure out what we needed and what was extravagance we found other travellers’ blogs an invaluable source of information and inspiration for figuring out what gear we wanted and what we didn’t want. We hope this’ll help others similarly. We’ll update these as we have new experiences or add to the inventory.

Feel free to comment or get in touch via social media if you would like more information on anything. For the avoidance of doubt, we’ve also identified if gear has arisen from sponsorship or come with a discount. Where appropriate we’ve linked out to the companies we’ve bought from below:

Helmet city
Lomo Motorbike Drybags
Prexport boots
Weise Stratus waterproofs
SW-Mototech waterproof dry bags
Keis heated gloves
Knox Orsa gloves
Katie’s and Mickey’s armoured shirts
Knox Merino base layers

  • Camping stove
    Adventure gear
  • Tent
    Adventure gear
  • Tarpaulin
    Adventure gear
  • Pans & Stools
    Adventure gear
  • Sleeping kit
  • Rev'It Suit
    Adventure gear
  • Head lamps
    Adventure gear
  • Lomo
    Adventure Gear
  • Waterproof matches
    Adventure Gear
  • Tent organiser
    Adventure gear
  • Panniers
    Adventure Gear
  • Water to go bottle
    Adventure gear
  • Collapsable bowl and cups
    Adventure gear
  • Helmet
    Adventure gear
  • WaterBag
    Adventure gear
  • Tank
    Adventure gear
  • SealSkinz
    Adventure gear
  • PrexportBoots
  • SW-Mototech drybags
  • Keis heated gloves
  • Weise Stratus Waterproofs
    Adventure gear
  • Knox armoured shirt
    Adventure gear
  • Base layers
    Adventure gear
  • Knox Orsa gloves
    Adventure gear


  1. Snappa

    March 24, 2016

    I've done a few lengthy trips on my own over the past few years (although not quite the length you're now preparing for), and like you, the advice I received from other 'seasoned' trekkers varied in the extreme. I pack with the philosophy of "Take as much as you think you will need (plus as many luxury items you can squeeze in that you just can't live without)", and then along the way I tend to leave bits that I haven't used, and pick up other bits that I find necessary. The exchange of 'parts' usually happens in the early part for me, within a week or two. With regards to your fuel capacity issue, I found that having 10 liters on the seat next to an already full top box was like carrying a pillion passenger. Once again, it's a preference thing but something worth considering could be this:

    Enjoy your ride.

    • admin

      March 26, 2016

      Thanks for the comment Snappa...yes advice does seem to vary widely doesn't it? It's kinda fun doing the research though (the scientist in me I guess!). It's going to be a lot of doing it by feel at first and like you, we figure it's better to be flexible than try and avoid 'mistakes' so your strategy of losing and swapping bits as you go sounds like a good one to us! It helps that we're both pretty basic in our needs - although I guess even here there may be room for a few surprises!
      Thanks for the link, we have our tanks already but I'll take a look and bear it in mind if they don't work out.
      Cheers and you too - happy riding and thanks for stopping by :)

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