I'm an artist/photographer and bike rider.

I fell in love with two wheels at an early age on a visit to a school fete when mum gave me some money to have a go on the monkey bikes. I fell off and burned my leg, but I got up and carried on until my time was up. I've never looked back. I'm pretty sure there have been points over the years when mum wishes she'd never given me that money! Once I was old enough I got into the scooter scene after buying a Vespa small frame 50 and going to rallies. That was it, I was bitten by the bug and I wanted more two-wheeled travel.

I've been riding now for about most of my life and enjoying every moment of it.

In 2008, I discovered enduro riding when I attended Enduro Africa. The idea was to raise money to provide enduro bikes so that South African medics could get around the townships. I had eight days of riding the bike I helped pay for and experiencing the amazing people and scenery of South Africa, it was a great experience.

My art and photography business Caught in the Act began in 2009.

Specialising in motorcycle photography, I aim to capture the essence of the moment in all aspects of biker lifeā€¦from enduro weekends, stunt events and ride outs to website pictures for your bike-related business.
But my interests aren't limited to motorcycles, I love to catch anything that grabs my eye. Through my pictures I try to present things differently to how they'd be seen in every day life. I also love landscapes and seascapes, the way the weather sends the surroundings mad with colour and emotion fascinates me and I aim to capture this in my pictures.

As well as photography, I also make sculptures, living models and trophies from salvaged items and materials that the natural environment offers. My approach ensures that no two pieces are alike and I'm never happier than when I'm lost in the creative process.

This trip will give me the opportunity to combine my three biggest passions:

motorcycles, travel and photography. I'll be documenting our journey in photographs as well as producing a photo-documentary on abandoned places. I'll be looking for manmade structures en route that have been reclaimed by nature to photograph and I'll be researching the reasons for their abandonment.

You can see more of my work and buy pieces by clicking the logos below