Not your usual adventurer

I’ve never identified as an adventurous person, you could say I’m more piglet than tigger. But I enjoy the personal growth that comes from challenging myself. And I’ve never really felt I fit or have known where I was going. Life was great on paper but I kept feeling like I was treading water. Tired of working myself into the ground only to end up exactly where I was at the start and tired of listening to angry social media posts and negative stories on the news, I wanted to see things for myself and just move again. After discovering motorcycles in 2013, life gave me a few not-so-gentle wake-up calls and I met Mickey. I decided to throw everything in and travel to figure out how I want to live.

Getting out of my comfort zone

It was difficult at first, all my illusions of control were shattered and I felt very off-balance for a while. And then suddenly it kinda clicked into placed and I’ve never looked back. We’ve had so many great experiences and met so many wonderfully kind people. Contentment has settled on me like a snuggly old jumper and I’ve finally figured out how to loosen my stranglehold on life and just go with the flow.

You can take the girl out of science…

As much as I'm leaving my research career behind for a while, I remain a scientist. It's a way of life and a state of mind for me, more than simply a career. I love teaching, and in an age where infinite information is available at the touch of a button, I believe that scientific thinking has a lot to bring to the party. Poor education is the biggest barrier to equality in the world so I’ll be working with selected education and children’s organisations during our journey.

Promoting understanding

I'm also a Jupiter's Traveller with the Ted Simon Foundation, who believe that travellers are ideally placed to communicate a message affirming those aspects that are common to us all irrespective of our culture or background. I’ll be exploring these values of 'humanness', connectedness and tolerance during our journey and in my writing.