A Little More About Us

Welcome to our website! We're Mickey and Katie, an Irish photographer and British neuroscientist and in early 2016 we'll pack up our lives and head off to New Zealand by motorbike. Mickey is the photographer and will be documenting our journey and Katie (that's me) is the blogger, scientist and Jupiter's traveller.
You can find out more about our motivation for travelling, our route and who we are on the pages of this website, have a look around. We'll be sharing our pictures, experiences and thoughts on this blog, as well as facebook and twitter as we travel so please sign-up and like these pages if you'd like to keep up with us.

We met in September 2014 when Katie attended the off-roading school where Mickey was the resident photographer. We got chatting and realised we shared values, outlook and interests. Katie was planning changes to her career and life at the end of her contract but wasn't sure what to do and Mickey had big travel plans but no fixed timeframe. Our plans complemented each other, what one lacked or was unsure of, the other had decided on or had ideas for. Our route, timeline and projects just naturally snowballed as we fed of the other's enthusiasm, and our lack of fixed plans made it easy to identify and incorporate aspects that were important to both of us. As the plans developed, the excitment grew and pushed the plans further forward.

To find out more about us, you can click on the pictures below. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy our travels as much as we know we're going to!










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Our Projects

We feel so lucky to be undertaking this trip - we know it's not an option for many in the world - and the support and encouragement we've received from friends, family and strangers has been overwhelming. It's easy to overlook and take for granted the privilege of living in a safe country, whose passport allows travel, to have unquestioned access to freedom of expression, education and healthcare. So, to help us stay mindful of our good fortune it felt right to honour our privilege by using our skills to give something back as we travel. By getting involved with locally run projects we will also enhance our experience by making it even more immersive and allowing us to learn more about the communities we move through.

Lost places

Mickey will be constructing a photo-documentary on man-made structures reclaimed by nature by mining local knowledge to locate places of interest.


Katie will be visiting schools and science centres to understand the innovative ways that they are improving access to education for underprivileged children and girls.

Jupiter's Traveller

As a Jupiter's traveller, Katie will be blogging about our travels 'reporting the truth of the world' as we see it to underline the positive aspects of mankind and the common values we all share despite our many differences.