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AJP PR4 Maiden Voyage

December 29, 2015 Featured, Uncategorized

After a lovely Christmas break and a torrential few days in which many Christmas’ were ruined the winter sun came back out again yesterday. Mickey’s work schedule means we don’t have too much free time to play with so making…

Integration of emotion and reason

December 21, 2015 Featured, Random thoughts, Values

I love Christmas Carols, the beautiful choral voices and allegories sum up the essence of what I’ve always understood Christmas to be about and that essence captures the best of human nature. Faith, hope and charity: faith in the good…

CELTA: Learning to teach English as a foreign language

December 19, 2015 Random thoughts, UK

I’ve spent the last four weeks on a CELTA course and it was pretty intensive. For those of you not familiar with it, CELTA is an internationally recognised qualification that enables you to teach English as a foreign language. It…