Welcome to Trails to the Forgotten...

...our overland motorcycle adventure to New Zealand. If we can get ourselves around the world, anyone can!
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A bit about the adventure...

In May 2016 we sold up & hit the road on two AJP PR4 enduro motorcycles. Final destination: New Zealand...for now.

We're aiming for a lifestyle shift. We want to slow down, appreciate more & focus on what matter most to us.

We think everyone needs some adventure in their life, big or small, so we hope our travels inspire you to follow your dreams.




AJP PR4 enduro bikes






New friends & experiences



More about us

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Our bikes

We've chosen to travel on AJP PR4 enduro bikes as we believe they offer the best combination of durability, handling, capability and affordability for our adventure. Find out more about our bikes here

Where are we now?

With Bike Trac on your bike, you always know where it is. Apart from added security, this means you can follow us in real time, through the Bike Trac-hosted event eagle. Click here to find out where we are currently.


Adventure is personal

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Adventure is personal_blog

Believe that you can Adventure motorcycle travel is often portrayed as fearless, adventure junkies sat on huge bikes,.

Flying solo & heading south

August 13, 2016 Featured, Poland
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Krakow_Garage parkingB&W_BlogImg_

16th July At ease by now with the navigation we head out on the road from Poznan. Although.

An unexpectedly long stay in Poznań

August 7, 2016 Featured, Poland, Uncategorized
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10th July It’s time to leave Poznań today . Przem and Jarek, the AJP dealers that we came.


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"Bring nothing but silence, show nothing but grace, seek nothing but shelter from the whole human race. Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints, to show you came by" John Kay

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