Welcome to Trails to the Forgotten...

...our adventure towards a new life, meandering somewhat towards New Zealand, sometimes by motorcycle.
Follow our slightly haphazard, steep learning curve as it unfolds!

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A bit about the adventure...

In May 2016 we sold up & hit the road on two motorcycles towards NZ.
A series of events saw us back home prematurely but not before we'd had the time of our lives and we're not stopping here.

We're still heading towards the life we want. One that moves more slowly, focuses on the important things & embodies our evolving values.

We think everyone needs some adventure in their life, big or small, so we hope our travels and 'in at the deep end' approach inspires you to believe that you can too can follow your dreams. There's no manual for it and mistakes will happen, it's how you face them that matters!




New friends & experiences




Tuktuk Trails & Auto Lessons

July 30, 2017 Featured, India
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Since losing our bikes on the edge of Europe we’ve had to get inventive regarding our modes of.

Wonder in Kovalam Beach

June 18, 2017 Featured, India
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Wonder. One of the better human traits. It is often referred to as a child-like but it is,.

Boredom & Transition

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Learning how to welcome transition, and discovering boredom is essential . It’s been some time since I updated.


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"Bring nothing but silence, show nothing but grace, seek nothing but shelter from the whole human race. Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints, to show you came by" John Kay

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